About the deliverables

SEEDS will produce 27 deliverables within the 4 years of the project in which 18 of them are public and will be uploaded on this page when finalized.

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1.3 Data Management Plan

Document detailing procedures, standards and methods for data management.

8.1 PDER

Plan for communication and dissemination activities, outline of exploitation routes for the market deployment of SEEDS solutions. A living document updated regularly.

8.2 Project Identity

Identity and branding established via website, social media and e-newsletters, project brochures and videos.

2.1 Pilot site assessment report

Includes energy audit and SRI assessment results, building performance evaluation and recommendations for system size and configuration, guidelines for the design of low-emission buildings based on circular principles and LCA.

3.1 Automation and monitoring specifications

Consolidating results of T3.1, T3.2 and (partially) T3.3 on (automation and monitoring aspects) requirements definition, pilot survey, technical specification and architecture, use cases and KPIs definition for all pilots.

2.2 Guidelines for electrification solutions

Detailed designs, dimensioning, drawings, specifications and installation plans; guidelines on how to use dimensioning & smartification tools (developed in T2.3).

3.2 Holistic SEEDS Evaluation Framework

Consolidating outcomes from T3.3 about the consolidation of the holistic evaluation framework; leveraging also the outcomes from the evaluation of all envisaged technical innovations assessment in all technical WPs 2-6.

3.3 Streamlining automation and monitoring systems deployment

Consolidating results of T3.4 on (automation and monitoring) installation, configuration and functional integration aspects for all pilots.

4.1 Multi-source HP and smart reflector control policies libraries

The developed control strategies and relevant conditions, including optimization algorithm design and implementation details

4.2 Smart Predictive Maintenance tool

Description of the deep-learning based tool able to generalize effectively and forecast electrified systems’health based on non-intrusive metering results

2.3 Installation report

Documents the completed installation process, including system integration, LCA evaluation and any challenges

2.4 Performance evaluation report of electrification systems

Results of performance monitoring and evaluation, generation, cost savings, emissions reductions and recommendations for further improvements

7.2 Digital Support Framework Toolbox final version

A digital platform consists of a toolbox per decision maker type

3.4 Automation and monitoring systems performance

Results of T3.5 on (automation and monitoring) validation tests, performance evaluation (KPIs defined in D3.1) and lessons learnt.

4.3 Extended white-box MPC

Describes the virtual assessment of different extensions listed in Subtask 4.2.1, and the CC method with its implementation results

4.4 MPC performance assessment

Describes the white-box MPC approach applied to the BE Pilots, grey-box MPC approach applied to the DK Pilot, black-box MPC approach applied to the EL Pilot

5.4 Evaluation of systems providing flexibility services

Consolidated report on evaluation of flexibility services, including lessons learned

7.3 Storymaps for the pilot projects

Web-based application to influence and engage stakeholders with KPIs for decision makers

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