On this page you can find resources relating to the SEEDS identity and guidelines for their correct use.

Here you can download the brand book and guidelines:

This document sets specific guidelines for perpetuating brand identity in all communications. They focus on the use of logo, the typography and the use of color.

Here you can download the fonts:

The font used for titles are Dortmund ExtraBold and Roboto Condensed. Roboto Condensed can also be used on various content texts as a primary typeface. The secondary typeface is Roboto, and can also be used on various content texts, and in addition to the title font, for subtitles.

Here are the SEEDS colors:

We use 3 colors from the logo.

For the SEEDS communication, an alternative color palette is to be used on other design materials such as illustrations, infographics, typographies… This color palette includes 5 additional colors.

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