Renel, an expert in design, construction, and maintenance services for low and medium-voltage electrical installations, renewable energy systems (RES), and e-mobility projects, has joined the SEEDS project to bring its knowledge and expertise in innovative energy solutions. With a strong background in renewable energy technologies, Renel is contributing to the project with an advanced PV reflection system with bifacial photovoltaic panels and a smart reflection mechanism using trackers at the Greek pilot site. This system aims to optimize the use of green, renewable energy and integrate seamlessly with a hybrid heat pump that uses natural refrigerants.

Renel’s approach involves careful monitoring and iterative refinement to optimize performance. The modular system design ensures adaptability and scalability to various building types, climates, and operational conditions, supporting flexible integration with existing renewable energy systems in buildings. Successful pilot operation is expected to build trust in novel technologies among residents and stakeholders. 

Through extensive dissemination efforts, including white papers, press releases, and project communication channels, Renel aims to highlight the advantages of their solutions and encourage widespread implementation.  The insights from the SEEDS project will guide future developments, driving sustainable energy solutions across Europe.

Some of their SEEDS team members include:                        
-Vasiliki Kotoula, as the leader and R&D manager
-Georgios Chatzargyros, as the CSO and SME owner
-Evangelia Rigati, as the administrative and technical responsible
-Georgia Syrtadioti, as the financial responsible
-Christina Malliou, as a team member
-Nikos Rapkos, as a team member

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